Monthly Challenges

Submit up to a total of two images each month. The images can be from any of the challenge categories.  Number your images in the order to be shown during the critique.  Submit by email at least one day before the event to "" (recommended ~2000 pixels on the long end) or bring prints for the critique.

Photoclub Vancouver intends to post submissions to the Monthly Challenge on the Club’s web site. If you do not want to have your pictures posted on the Club’s web site, please indicate so by responding to the submission confirmation email as instructed.

Recurring challenges include:

  • Henry Ballon (Classic Black and White Photography)
  • APAC (Alternative Photographic Art Culture)

Recent and upcoming monthly challenges:

2023-10 -
2023-09 Architecture / Minimalism
2023-08 ???
2023-07 Below the Knees
2023-06 Heat
2023-05 Spring
2023-04 Lighting
2023-03 Open Topic
2023-02 Red
2023-01 Water
2022-12 -
2022-11 Symmetry
2022-10 Multiple Exposures
2022-09 New Perspectives on Construction
2022-08 Summer Festivities
2022-07 Capture an Everyday Moment
2022-06 Bridging the Gap
2022-05 Candid Photography
2022-04 Cherry Blossoms
2022-03 Rear View
2022-02 Backlighting
2022-01 Humdrum Beauty
2021-12 -
2021-11 Oil and Water Abstract
2021-10 Neon Lights
2021-09 -
2021-08 Frame within a Frame
2021-07 Passage of Time
2021-06 Thank God It's Over!
2021-05 In the style of My Favourite Photographer
2021-04 Ignore the Rule of Thirds
2021-03 Broken
2021-02 Only Black and White (two tones)
2021-01 Winter

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