Field Trips - Self Directed / Group Meet

For safety reasons we recommend you shoot with a partner / buddy.

2021-12 Location TBD (Christmas Lights)
2021-11 Simon Fraser University - Any Campus (Click for Group Field Trip Details)
2021-10 -
2021-09 Lynn Valley (Click for Group Field Trip Details)
2021-08 UBC Botanical Gardens (Click for Group Field Trip Details)
2021-07 Port of Vancouver (Click for Group Field Trip Details)
2021-06 Murals around Vancouver.
2021-05 1000 Parker (West Side)
2021-04 Strathcona district (Avoid Strathcona Park)

Submit Images

Submit up to 3 images for each location to: Images will be reviewed at the mid-month event and displayed in an on-line gallery.

  • File type: JPEG
  • File size: Recommended 2048 pixels on the long end
  • File Name: Your Name_Locaton_Number i.e. MaylinnLam_Strathcona_1of3.jpeg

Should you wish to arrange a partner / buddy

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