Polygon Gallery Tour & Shipyards / Lonsdale Quay Photoshoot

Photo credit: Terry Beaupre

Polygon Gallery Exhibit Guided Tour

PhotoClub Vancouver will be sponsoring a private gallery tour provided by the staff of the Polygon Gallery which will start at 1:00 PM sharp. Don’t be late!

Date: Sunday November 6, 2022
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Entry Fee: Access to the Polygon Gallery is offered on a by-donation basis (all day, every day) thanks to BMO Financial Group.
Location: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver [Google Map]. See map below.

Kindly email communication@photoclubvancouver.com to advise if you plan to attend.

The Polygon Gallery is the largest non-profit photographic gallery in Western Canada located in The Shipyards District of Vancouver's North Shore.

The Polygon Gallery continues the forty-year reputation of Presentation House Gallery in engaging the public with the most visionary artists of our time. A new waterfront landmark on Vancouver's North Shore, The Polygon offers a one-of-a-kind space to encounter contemporary visual art with a focus on photography.

Special Assistance during the tour is available if advance notice is provided:

  • Wheelchair: The gallery has a wheelchair onsite
  • Hearing impairment: Anyone who has difficulty with hearing
  • Special Assistance: Assisted around the gallery
  • Elevator access: The gallery has an elevator on the main floor that leads right outside the exhibition space on the second floor.

During your visit:

  • Cameras: Cameras are allowed with no flash
  • Backpacks, Large bags/ Food and Beverage: The gallery does not allow large bags, backpacks/ food, and beverage into the exhibition. They have free lockers for guests to use.


STAN DOUGLAS: 2011 ≠ 1848 presents a series of works inspired by historical events of social and political turbulence. Douglas connects points of social rupture, rendering in minute detail and with technical ingenuity historic moments of protest, riot, and occupation from 2011 that echoed upheavals that swept Europe in 1848.

The exhibition features five large-scale panoramic photographs depicting different protests and riots from 2011: the start of the Arab Spring in Tunis on Jan. 12 with sit-ins and protests along Avenue Habib Bourguiba; the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver on June 15; clashes between youth and police in London on Aug. 9; and the arrest of Occupy Wall Street protestors on Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Oct. 1. Douglas created the images by combining meticulous and elaborate re-enactments of the events, high-resolution plate shots of each city site, together with aerial documentary footage.

The exhibition also features a two-channel video installation ISDN, an immersive installation that depicts a fictionalized collaboration between rappers from London’s Grime and Cairo’s Mahraganat music scenes. Titled ISDN, after a now-outdated mode of transmitting high-quality audio over telephone lines, the video imagines rappers from the two cities exchanging beats and lyrics in improvised studios, working across space and time to create music collaboratively.

Also showing at the Polygon Gallery:


Shipyards and Lonsdale Quay Photoshoot

Bring your camera gear. Shipyards and Lonsdale Quay Photoshoot will start after the gallery tour. Sunset will be at 4:25 pm.

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