Photo Walk Starting @ Olympic Torch Cauldron

Date: Saturday October 21, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Meet at the Olympic Torch Cauldron, in Jack Pool Plaza, west of the Vancouver Convention Centre

Calgary-based photographer and member David Stewart will be in town next week and has offered to lead this month’s mid month event on Saturday October 21, starting at 5 pm at the Olympic Torch Cauldron, in Jack Pool Plaza, west of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Please dress for the weather as this Photo Walk will go rain or shine (after dark). Expect this walk to take 2 to 3 hours covering a distance of 3km, and you can grab a bite to eat when we debrief at the end of the walk.

Additional Information from David

Sunset is 6:11 PM that day, so we will be out for the Golden hour, sunset and early evening. There will be a debriefing after the Photo Walk, at a place to be determined by the group before the walk starts. I usually find that I learn more from the debriefing than I do from the photography. It is all part of the photography experience.

There are two main styles of photography that work at this time of the day.

  • Slow shutter speeds, requiring a tripod, lower ISOs and whatever glass that you have on hand, or
  • Fast shutter speeds, requiring faster glass and higher ISOs.

It does not matter what you use for a camera or glass, I will help you get good shots with the equipment that you have. I find that using a tripod forces me to slow down and think about the shot. It results in better photography, whether or not, I use the tripod, so take one.

It is your choice as to the above style, as I will be shifting back and forth depending on the subject. Sometimes, you want to see movement in your images and other times, less so. Please bring the manual for your camera, either electronic or a paper copy. That way, if you have problems, there will be someone that can help you. I have my manuals downloaded onto my iPad. That way, they are always with me.

The Photo Walk will go east along the waterfront to Waterfront Centre , then east on West Cordova St, past the Steam clock, but no further east then we determine is safe. We will then return to the Olympic Torch Cauldron.

Covid has impacted safety in Vancouver, so I ask that you find a fellow photographer(s) and stick together for the duration of the Photo Walk. We will be spending some time on Water Street.

Davids’ contact information is available on the PhotoClub Vancouver website –, or he can be contacted through

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