9 O'Clock Gun @ Stanley Park

Date: Saturday April 22, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Meet at the The 9 o’clock Gun in Stanley Park
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Words from the Field Trip Leader, David Stewart

I am a Calgary based photographer, a favourite subject of mine is night photography. This will be a low light Photo Shoot in Stanley Park. I have conducted a number of low light Photo Shoots in Vancouver in 2019 which included the Science Centre, fireworks in the Vancouver harbour, downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park.

If you cannot find the group, please phone me at 403-233-8271. It will be too noisy to hear text messages, so please phone.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Histogram and what it means.
  2. How to use the histogram to get the proper exposure.
  3. How to focus in the dark.
  4. The effect of different shutter speeds.

Required equipment:

  1. Your camera manual, either a hard copy or an electronic copy with you.
  2. A sturdy tripod.
  3. Your camera with tripod attachment.

Recommended equipment:

Wide angle lens, e.g. 14-30 or 24-120 on a full frame camera. Longer glass requires a better tripod.

Normally, an ISO of 100 is used for time exposures, (light trails) or 3200+ with f2.8 or better glass, for hand held.

There are two major types of low light photography:

  1. Use a high iso, faster glass, faster exposures and hand held.
  2. Use a lower iso, slower glass, cameras is on a tripod and longer exposures.

I want to keep the group together so that I can spend time with each person attending and we can have a debriefing at a suitable watering hole afterwards. When we all get together and talk about our experiences, that is when I find that we learn the most. What do you think?

Stanley Park has coyotes, be aware of your surroundings. Please read the following article on coyotes: https://stanleyparkvan.com/stanley-park-van-coyotes.html

There are no hard and fast rules for good photography, but there are a few guidelines that tend to help. Shoot what you like, try to improve, and get some good coaching. This is where PhotoClub Vancouver can help. They are a group of experienced photographers that have many different interests. There is at least one member that can help you, no matter where your interest lie.

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